Casela Nature Parks

Our Animal Welfare and Sustainability Pledge

🦎 At Casela, we believe that animals are more than just creatures to be looked at. They are living, breathing beings that deserve respect and care. That’s why our Animal Welfare and Sustainability Pledge are the foundation of everything we do here at Casela.

🦜 Since the foundation of Casela 44 years ago, we have prioritized the environment in which our residents live, understanding the interdependence of all forms of life within an ecosystem.

🌿 We design habitats that cater to each species’ specific needs, taking into account their biology, behaviour, and ecology to create appropriate enrichment opportunities.

🌍 But we don’t stop there! We are also passionate about raising awareness on the importance of conservation and sustainable living, reducing our carbon footprint, minimising waste and conserving natural resources.

🌳 From protecting endangered species to developing sustainable practices, we are working hard to ensure that our impact on the planet is positive.

Our pledge isn’t just words on paper – it’s a way of life! Every single day, we are passionately driven to take action and make a difference. 💪

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