Animal Welfare pledge

Animals are living, sentient beings and therefore deserve our consideration and respect. As humans, we must understand that we inhabit this planet with other species and other forms of life.

All forms of life co-exist within an interdependent ecosystem. Since the foundation of Casela in 1979, we consider the environment our residents live in, as a critical aspect of their care.

Therefore, we design habitats to suit each species’ specific needs, taking into consideration everything we know about that species’ biology, behaviour, and ecology to create appropriate enrichment opportunities

Our Sustainability vision and mission


Because we also exist to protect and restore our ecosystems and biodiversity, we are acting now towards our vision of a healthy, thriving fauna and flora in Mauritius. 

A healthy planet needs a healthy nature, but unsustainable human activities continue to significantly harm nature.

A healthy and thriving nature is beautifully biodiverse, with each specie fulfilling a unique place in its ecosystem, ensuring resilience and strength.


We propose different packages
according to your request. 

All School trips to Casela have to take place from Thursday to Saturday only and will have to be booked at least 72 hours in advance. Some documentations will have to be sent in advance. For more information, contact us on or 5 9851731.


The Zookeeper for a Day programme is a wonderful opportunity for children to spend quality time assisting our zookeepers in different sections of the park. From food preparation to distribution, through the observation of animals or enrichment of their living environments, children will experience the duties of a zookeeper and will be sensitised to the protection of biodiversity.
This enriching programme is offered to children aged between 6 to 14 years old. During its course, they will spend the day with the park’s animal care staff. The programme includes meals, a t-shirt and a zookeeper certificate.
All requests have to be made in writing to Casela Reservations at:


As a member of the Pan-African Association of Zoos and Aquaria (PAAZA), Casela Nature Parks enjoys manifold privileged exchanges with parks and zoos across the world. True to our founding vision, we are more than ever involved in the conservation and protection of endangered plant and animal species in the Mauritian territory. The endemic garden at Casela Nature Parks caters for the livelihood of 267 adult native trees from 52 different species among which 26 are endemic to Mauritius.

Since February 2015, our park has also found a new patron in Her Royal Highness Princess Stephanie of Monaco, who is known for her involvement in elephant protection in Asia.