Casela Nature Parks

Casela Nature Park’s commitment to raising awareness on animal protection

Casela Nature Parks is committed to conservation and one way we apply this pledge is through educating people on its importance, as recognised by the International Zoo Educators Association (IZEA). This means we’re committed to raising awareness about the challenges faced by animals in the wild.

We achieve this through a three-pronged approach:

  • Empowering our team: We invest in our staff’s knowledge and development to ensure they deliver accurate and engaging conservation messages during educational activities.

  • Promoting Animal Welfare and biodiversity protection: We prioritise animal well-being in everything we do, from providing nutritious diets and excellent veterinary care to maintaining spacious, enriching enclosures that respect natural social behaviours. This is also achieved through guided tours provided to our visitors which educate them on animal welfare.

  • Educating our visitors: Our visitors are educated through our guided tours and through signages aligned with IUCN standards which are disseminated throughout the park. Through this transmission of knowledge, every visitor gets sensitised about conservation and sustainability.

This multi-faceted approach equips all those who journeys through Casela with the knowledge and inspiration to become champions for biodiversity protection.

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